Friday, March 30, 2018

A Farewell to Facebook

In light of recent security issues with Facebook we have decided to discontinue our Facebook pages, business and personal.  While this is not the only reason it’s the one that pushes us to take the action.

While Facebook has been a nice forum to post in-progress things one wouldn’t normally post on a website: live videos, in-progress sketches, and light-hearted outlooks; the results and ROI (return on investment) have not been worth it.  We’ve had this page since 2008 and in that time we’ve received five leads for projects, one that turned into a prospective client meeting but not a project.  Facebook seems to be more suited for B2C (business to consumer) sales than the B2B (Business to Business) leads more typical of an architect’s lead base.

We’ve had the best results from LinkedIn having met a couple of contractors through LinkedIn which HAS materialized into projects.  Google Plus doesn’t seem to have taken off like Facebook but at least they are not making the news for security breaches – yet.

We thank all of you who have followed us on this platform.  We made it up to 487 followers at one time and we hope we have shared with you some insights on architecture you may not have seen from other sources. 

We encourage anyone who would like to connect with me to do so on LinkedIn or Google Plus where we share the same posts. 

Best wishes to everyone. 

Tim Berneche

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